Monday, April 4, 2011

Jello Eggs

Pin It I remember my 5th grade teacher giving us Jell-o in the shape of eggs and I thought it was sooooo cool.  I decided to try and make some of my own.  Now, let me say - they are not perfect and they are not very good to take pictures of, BUT they are fun and I'm sure kids would love them!

Here's what I did:

I made the Jello according to the "mold" instructions.
 Since the plastic eggs have two holes in them, I covered those with hot glue. You will also want to pull apart the eggs completely (don't have then connected at the side - that's how mine came) I then dipped the eggs under the jello and fill them all the way.  While they are still submerged, snap them shut.
 Rinse them under water to clean them off then store in an egg carton upside down.  You do it upside down so that if there are air bubbles, they will be at the bottom of the egg rather than the top.
 Warning: Your hands will get stained!
 Leave the Jello in the fridge for a few hours.  When it is done setting, take the eggs out and put them in warm/hot water for 30 seconds.  This helps you get them out of the mold
 I rinsed them under cold water and they were done.  Like I said - not super pretty to take pictures of (maybe it's just the colors I did) but they are fun!


  1. I got jello egg molds once and I liked to cut them in half with whipped cream decor for Easter deviled eggs.

  2. This post made me smile. I had totally forgotten about making eggs for my students. I'm sure there's some health law against that now. I still have the molds - they look like an egg carton & hold 6 eggs. You close it, pour the jello in the hole, then after it's hard, open it and enjoy.

    Thanks for the memory... :)

    PS. I love the new look of the blog!!

  3. so fun and simple! I've featured you here: