Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Dress From A Shirt

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My mom was cleaning out her closet when she saw a shirt that she thought I would like to revamp into something for my daughter.  I'm so glad she saved it!  I've been holding onto it for a couple of months since I thought it would make the cutest little spring dress.  My family has a tradition of getting an Easter dress each year.  Rather than buying one for for my daughter, I decided to use my mom's old shirt.  Here's what I did:
This is what the shirt used to look like (I started to cut it up and then realized I hadn't taken a picture of it yet, so I put it back together for this shot ha)

Here are the different pieces I cut the shirt into.  I had to unpick the little pleats that were on the front of the shirt.  I sewed the two large pieces together on one side. 
 I and wound my bobbin with elastic thread.
 I sewed several rows with the elastic thread (only the bobbin is the elastic thread, you use normal thread on the top).  I then sewed the other side together,  to get this.  I could have made a pretty cute skirt too hu?
 I then added sleeves - since my daughter was down for a nap when I was making this, I wasn't able to measure....and when I tried it on her, the sleeves were too small; her arms only fit in until her elbows haha.
 So I changed the sleeves - which I actually like better and added some little ruffles on the outside.
 The finished product on my darling model.

Sorry I didn't take more step by step pictures.  I was trying to hurry and get it done while she was sleeping.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. So cute! I LOVE it! I have a pattern for a dress that calls for elastic thread... I've been putting it off because I don't know how to do it... I just may have a few questions for you!

  2. You are AWESOME so darling! I can not believe how cute your little model is....I am so impressed with your skills and I bet it makes your mom proud too!