Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage Earring Holder

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The other day I was trying to sort through all of my earrings.  When I finished finding the different pairs and deciding which ones I'd actually like to keep, I had nowhere to put them other than in a ziplock bag.  I decided right then and there that I was going to make something to organize my earrings.  I've had plenty of jewelry boxes in my day, but my earrings still didn't seem that organized in them.  I had seen some framed jewelry holders floating around the internet.  This one was my inspiration.  I loved the look of the lace. 

I kept my eye out for an oval frame....but I couldn't find any that were a very good price.  I headed to DI and found a long and skinny frame that I thought would work and it was only $3 (I actually ended up liking better than the oval frame look).  I had purchased some lace at Hobby Lobby.  The lace was 50% off so the two rolls cost me a total of $2.50.  I have lots of lace left over and look forward to using it for some other projects.  I just love lace!  Next I got some Ivory spray paint at Walmart for $3.50.  So that brings my total cost to $9, but I have plenty of lace and spray paint left over that I'll be able to use for other projects.

This is what the frame looked like to begin with.
 I spray painted the frame and then antiqued it a bit.
 Then I simply attached my lace.  I used hot glue because that's what I had, but if you have a staple gun, I'm sure that would be more secure.  The hot glue seems to be holding up just fine so far though.
 I hung it up on the wall and hung my earrings and it was done.  Such an easy, quick craft!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazing Walmart Clearance Sale!

Pin It Today I went to the Orem, Utah Walmart and they were having a huge clearance sale on their girls summer clothes. 
How much did I pay for all of these clothes you ask....$12!!!  That's right!  They are selling these adorable outfits for $1 each!  And the shirts on the top came in sets of 2 for $1.  Sure, I went all out....but now I'm ready for next summer!  Check out your local Walmart to see if they are having the same deal.  It's seriously amazing!

Eyeball Cake Pops

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Looking for a fun treat to serve at your Halloween Party?  Well, these eyeball cake pops are perfect for you.  The best part is that you don't necessarily have to cover them with chocolate absolutely perfectly.  I left a bit of white chocolate in the back to look like the optic nerve.

To make the pupil and iris part, I simply melted some milk chocolate and then piped out little circles on some wax paper.  After the chocolate had cooled, I pipped some colored white chocolate around the outside if the milk chocolate dot.  After that cooled I was able to peel them off the wax paper.  Right after dipping the cake pop in the white chocolate, I placed the pupil/iris circles on the eyeballs.  Then I piped some pink colored white chocolate (you could definitely do red...I just didn't want to go through the pain of dying the chocolate red).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maternity Band

Pin It With my ever expanding waistline, I've been considering getting a bella band since I've heard such great things.  However, I found a great tutorial on Make it and Love it on how to make your own maternity band.  I made one for myself and will definitely by making some more.  When I make my next one, I'm going to make it longer than her dimensions and also not as wide.  Every body is different so you can measure and see what will work for you. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack-O-Lantern Veggie Tray

Pin It I made this for a little get together we had last Halloween.  However, I didn't really do any Halloween themed posts because my husband had blown out his knee a few days before the 31st and I was busy taking care of him.  SO I thought I'd post it for you this year :)  It's super easy to do and fun for a Halloween party.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Boy Tie Tutorial

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Last week I learned how to make little boy ties and thought I'd share what I learned.  They are so easy and so cute!  Plus, it's one of the few crafts I can make for my little guy on the way.  I hope my step by step tutorial helps you out.  These are probably the size you'd want for a 1 1/2 - 2 year old.  If you want to make them for an older child, just make the pattern longer.  If you have any questions please ask!

Using the pattern found here, cut out your fabric.  You will need to cut two layers of fabric - one being the pattern you want to show for your tie and the other being a backing (this one will only show on the little corners in the back).

Put the right sides together and sew the corners together using a 1/4" seam allowance.
 Clip the fabric on the corners - making sure not to cut the actual seam.
 Flip the fabric right side out and iron the corners so they are nice and sharp.
 Fold the tie in half with right tie pattern sides together and sew down the edge.  Once again using the 1/4" seam allowance.  DON'T sew the corner ends, only the long edge.
 Press the seam open and then using a safety pin, flip the tie right side out again.  You do this by putting the safety pin on the corner and then feeding it down the hole on that same side.
Press your tie again so it's edges are nice and sharp.
 This is what the back of the tie looks like.
Cut a piece of fabric that is approximately 2 3/4" wide and 16" long.  Feel free to make this strip longer or shorter if you need to.  This is what will be going around the neck.  Put the right sides together and sew a straight line using a 1/4" seam allowance.
 Flip it right side out (again with the safety pin) and then press your fabric. with the seam being in the middle.
 Sew the ends shut - if you are wanting to do elastic for part of your neck piece, simply put it about 1/2" into the end and then sew your fabric shut.
 How to Tie the Tie

Place your tie like this around the neck piece.
Bring the back of the tie across the front.
 Pull the back piece up high so if looks like a normal tie not and then wrap it around to the back. (Look at the images - it will help a lot ha).
 Tuck the back of the tie through the front.
 Now move that little piece that is sticking out of the front to the back.  You just have to slide it around.  Tighten the knot by pulling on the neck piece. Using a needle and thread, stitch the little back piece to the second layer of the front piece, but only through that layer so it won't be seen from the front.  This will keep it from getting untied.
 And here is your tied tie.
 All you do after this step is add Velcro or snaps to the neck piece or whatever else you are wanting for your attachment. 

These are some ties I made for my little guy this weekend.  Aren't they so cute???

This are super easy to make and use very little fabric.  I would recommend getting about 1/4 of a yard - and you will definitely have some extra fabric with that.  You could maybe get by with 1/8 yard, but it would be close.

If you'd like to see my new tutorial on how to make clip-on bow ties go HERE

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soap Dispenser Jack-O-Lantern

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I've seen a lot of fun Halloween decorations in stores lately.  I can't believe it's that time of year already!  While I was at the dollar store I saw a soap dispenser that is supposed to look like an orange and thought it would make a great Halloween decoration.  I simply got a black sharpie marker and drew a jack-o-lantern face on the soap dispenser.  SO easy and it only cost $1.  Yay!

Giveaway Winner!

Pin It Thanks to everyone who entered the Bits of Blossoms giveaway.  We have a winner and it is......comment number 19.

"I liked the bit of sunshine headband!" By Lytles

And for all of those people who don't win, she is offering a 25% discount on your order!  How amazing is that???  You just have to enter the code: Wealth25 when you check out at her Etsy shop

Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Dress to Children's Dress

Pin It I'm finally starting to get my crafting back on....if you hadn't noticed I've been a bit more interested in food than crafting.  Does it surprise you that we found out I'm having a baby BOY?!?!?!  I think that explains my lack of craftiness :) 

Yesterday I made a dress for my little girl out of an old dress of mine.  I should have done a step by step tutorial, but I didn't (I was trying to hurry and make it during her nap time).  If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them though. 

Here is the original dress.  For a reference, it came down to my knees.  Why did I cut it up and ruin it you ask?  Honestly, it never fit well and the top was too wide.
 Here is the dress I made for my daughter.  It's a bit too long (remember she was down for a nap so I couldn't take measurements along the way), but I still like it.  I have a bit more fabric left over that I think I'll make a matching headband with. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bits of Blossoms Giveaway!!

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This giveaway is now closed

I have been really excited about this giveaway for a while now.  One of my good friends makes the most adorable and comfortable headbands.  One reason I hate wearing headbands is because they always give me a headache.  Bits of Blossoms' headbands DON'T - not to mention they are so dang cute!  She makes them in all sizes.  I have some for me and some for my 18 month old daughter.  She has a variety of color choices and styles - which is great!

Now, on to the details of the giveaway.  Larysa is giving away THREE custom made headbands to the winner!

How to Enter
1)  Follow my blog
2) "Like" Bits of Blossoms on Face Book
3)  Make her Etsy shop a "favorite"
4)  Pick out your favorite headband(s) from her Etsy shop or FB page.   Then leave a comment below letting me know which headbands you want. If the color combo you're looking for isn't there don't worry- they do custom orders!
*Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry as well as a way for me to contact you if you win!

And for all of those people who don't win, she is offering a 25% discount on your order!  How amazing is that???  You just have to enter the code: Wealth25 when you check out at her Etsy shop

Giveaway ends on Sunday September 11th at 10 PM MST and the winner will be announced Monday.  Good luck everyone!!!