Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amazing Diaper Deal!

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I find myself thinking about how expensive diapers are whenever I change my son's diaper and then literally 10 seconds later he decides to fill a new one.  I mean....really?  Well I have some really good news for all you mom's with kids in diapers.  There is a slammin' good deal at You can clip a $3.00 off coupon AND use the code OHBABY10D to save a total of $13!  Plus, shipping is free! 
Note that the promo code for the $10 off is valid for FIRST TIME orders only.
The best deal is on the Pampers Baby Dry XL Packs. Original price is $49.49 but with the $3.00 coupon and the $10 off the price drops down to $36.49.

The Pampers Swaddler XL Packs are also available with this promotion too. They are regularly priced at $49.49, but just don't come with as many diapers.  But once again, with the coupon and promo code the price will drop down to $36.49.
If you aren’t a first time buyer you can still clip the $3.00 coupon. You can still score a free 24ct pack of Pamper’s wipes with a purchase of a case of Pampers diapers. You will need to use code PAMPGIFT at checkout.