Thursday, April 14, 2011

Globe Oreo Truffles and Missionary Cupcakes

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Yesterday was a fun day for our family.  My little brother, Mitch received his mission call.  19 Year old boys who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go out and share the gospel for 2 years.  Mitch has been extremely anxious/excited to get his call.  He sat up by the mail box 3 days in a row waiting for the mail lady to come and yesterday if finally arrived!

He had a bunch of friends and family at my parents' house for a party.  My sister and I made some missionary themed treats for the occasion.  More specifically, Globe Oreo Truffles and Missionary Cupcakes.

For the Oreo truffles, we put whole Oreos into my food processor to make a nice little Oreo powder.  The we combined the powder with cream cheese frosting.  We used 2/3s of the package of Oreos and about 1/2 the container of frosting.  My sister is showing off her messy hand
 Roll the Oreo mixture into balls.  I found that by squeezing the mixture together really well before rolling them helped them to not fall apart.  I then dipped my little skewers into some melted white chocolate.  The white chocolate helps the skewer stay in the truffle when you are dipping it chocolate later.
 Put the truffles in the freezer for about 30 minutes or so.
 I colored some white chocolate with blue food coloring.  I have noticed that if I don't wait for a minute or so before dying the chocolate it seems to seize up and becomes hard.  So wait a little bit!
 After the blue chocolate hardened, I put on some white chocolate that I colored green to finish of the globes.

I put stuck the globes into a box that said, "Where in the world is Mitch going?"

 For the Missionary Cupcakes, I started off making the ties.  I used white chocolate that had been dyed blue.  I used a plastic bag with a little hole in the corner to draw them onto wax paper.
 After the ties had hardened, I flipped them over and added stripes.  I'll be honest....I considered buying fruit rollups and I would cut them out into ties, but then didn't end up doing it.  I actually think I should have done that instead of the white chocolate ties.  I think it would have been easier and would have been tasty too!
 To make the missionary tags, I added black food coloring to normal chocolate.  I then spread it out onto wax paper.  After it had hardened, I used a ruler to cut lines in the chocolate.
 I used white frosting and then placed the ties and name tags on them.  Here's the finished product:
Here's another picture of them.  Notice my mom made the cake we did for her birthday again - she loved it!

I thought I'd post a couple pictures of my brother opening his call.  This was his reaction when he read where he is going to be living and sharing the gospel for 2 years.

 So excited!
 My Mom's reaction to his call.
 Where is he going you ask????  The Scotland/Ireland mission!  How cool is that?!?!?!


  1. Congrats to your brother! That is so exciting. I love your missionary cupcakes and globes. I'm going to try that out whenever a missionary event comes up. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Those are the cutest oreo pops/cupcakes! I wish I would've thought to do something clever like that when my brother opened his call. Oh well...I will have to make them when he gets home this fall.

    Oh, and I love the reaction pics:)

  3. congrats to your brother! mine went there just a few years ago and loved it! love the pops and adorable tie cupcakes! Found you via One Pretty Thing!

  4. Hey, I just came across your blog from Pinterest and the president of the mission your brother is in is a good friend of our family, The Griffiths. He and my dad are business partners/long time friends. He will LOVE THEM! Just wanted you to know he is in good hands!

  5. My son will be putting in his papers at the end of this year. Now I know what to make when we're waiting for his call!

  6. Thanks! I was planning to make cake balls but couldn't figure out any cute decorations for cakes or cupcakes for the occasion and this is it! My son will get his call either tomorrow or wednesday and I've already started getting the cake balls ready! I think I'll use the fruit roll ups for the ties as suggested. Thanks for sharing! (We have a close friend of my sons who is serving in the same mission and went to the London MTC but is now in the mission field; his name is Austin Snowden. I think I need to remember to have someone snap a picture of me when we open the call; the one of your mom is awesome :-)

  7. I just came across this post from Pinterest. Cool desserts! How exciting that your brother served near my old homeland (England). I hope he was eventually able to translate the accents. =) He should be nearly home now. How exciting.