Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweater Dress

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My husband recently cleaned out his closet and was about to toss this sweater when I stopped him.  I was so excited to make a sweater dress for my daughter!  I will admit, this sweater was a little challenging to sew just because even if you sew in a straight line, sometimes it looks misshapen, but I love how the dress turned out!
Here is the sweater before I cut it up.
 I cut off the sleeves.
 Using another dress as a reference, I cut the remaining pieces - not shown in this picture is the bottom part of the dress - sorry!
 I sewed a brown ribbon around the dress.  I sewed a couple little pleats on the front and added a zipper to the back so the neck could be like a turtle neck.  Here is the finished product.  Now she just needs a headband to match :)

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  1. SO cute!! I wish I were talented enough to do this! LOL