Saturday, February 12, 2011

Multi Canvas Painting

Pin It A while back I decided to do a painting for my wall.  I really liked the multi-canvas look.  After searching the web and seeing many different styles of paintings, I decided to do this one of my own.  It was going to be cheaper and it would be fun to have something I painted on the wall.  This is how it turned out: 

It was based off of this painting....I changed the colors so they wouldn't be so vibrant and obviously mine isn't nearly as good, but considering it was my first acrylic painting, I was pretty pleased.


  1. Wow... you are very talented! Great job! Where are you going to hang it?

  2. Thank you Jessica. I hung it up in my living room above our couch. Our wall is really long, so it makes it look small, but I still like the painting :)