Friday, February 25, 2011

Adult Sweater Turned Into A Kids Sweater

Pin It I've been holding on to an American Eagle sweater of mine for a long time even though it shrunk and was way too small for me.  I've nearly thrown it out many times, but just didn't.  Well today was the day that I finally found something to do with my sweater.  I fixed it up so it would fit my daughter.  I must say, she looks much better than me in it :)

Here is the sweater before I cut it up.
 I cut off the sleeves and cut the f front and back apart.  I didn't want to have the AE symbol on the sweater or the big tag in the back.  I cut me made up pattern, shortened and thinned out the sleeves and sewed away.
Here is the finished product.
 And from the back.  She LOVES watching the washing machine.


  1. That is seriously cute! I love it. We did something similar with one of my husband's old soccer jerseys for my son. How fun!

  2. haha seeing that first photo and then picturing it on claire was hilarious but somehow you made it perfect for her! you are so talented - i'm positive i could never do that. :)