Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Should You Add JarvieDigital to Your Bloglist?

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Why should you add Scott's blog to your blog list?  Well other than the obvious reason - helping me win the JAG competition, the other reason and perhaps the better one is because he shares some great tips about photography and posts some great pictures.  I find many of his posts helpful to my photography.  Even if you are not a photographer, which I'm guessing is most of you, do you or will you ever want to take pictures of your family, kids, etc?  I'm going to go ahead and you all answered yes.....and if you didn't....Well maybe someday you will be a client to a photographer and he has tips for you too :)  Here's the link to the client tip blogs:

Some of the great concepts of JarvieDigital pictures is how to get good pictures that are unique and showcase the people's emotions in the pictures. 

I honestly think that there is at LEAST one of the 500 blog posts he has done that will help you in the future, whether it's your own photography or others, he has information on his blog for everyone!  PLUS you get to look at some of the amazing pictures he takes - win, win!

If you are interested in putting his blog on your bloglist, PLEASE check out my GIVEAWAY.  I mean if you're already going to be doing it, you might as well have a chance to win a prize right???? 


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