Monday, May 23, 2011

Dress to Skirt

Pin It My younger sister gave me a bunch of clothes that she doesn't wear anymore.  I love "hand-me-ups" especially now that I'm a poor married person without any cute clothes.  One of the dresses she gave me wasn't really something I would wear, but I liked the fabric.  So I decided to make it a skirt instead.  This was honestly SO easy!  Here's what I did:

This is the dress before I cut it up.
 I cut the top part of the dress off and was left with what looked like a skirt.
 I simply folded down the top edge and sewed a few rows with elastic thread to get the finished product.  SO easy!  The bottom was already finished since it was the bottom of the dress so I only had to worry about the top.  Now I have a fun summer skirt! 

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