Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scott's Family Photo Tips

Pin It Are you sick of hearing about JarvieDigital yet??? WELL TOO BAD! Cause there is still much to be said - and that's a good thing - For you, for me and for Scott :) On his blog, Scott has several different topics that he's covered. I truly believe that even if you aren't a photographer, that you can learn soooo much from Scott's blogs. Whether you take pictures professionally, or for fun, there are several tips that will help you out :) The topic that I think that you can probably relate to the most is taking pictures of a family and/or children.

Scott did a few posts titled "How I Shoot Children" - don't worry he's using a camera, not a gun ha. These posts can help ANYONE! Some of the topics he focuses on are:

Being an observant photographer and another great tip: People don't always have to look at the camera!

Both of these tips are important to remember. I can't tell you how many times I've been focusing on trying to get one picture and when I look over my shoulder, I see and even better one taking place. Some of my favorite moments are with the family, children, couples etc. are not posing for the camera, but are being themselves. Those pictures often end up being people's favorites because it shows the real them.

Taking the right picture for the right personality

I love the picture below. You can tell this little guy has so much personality and this picture captures it perfectly. When you get a person comfortable, their real personality shows - and THAT'S that you want to portray in your pictures.

Listening to peoples ideas

Listen and going with others' ideas - like this little kid wanting to show off a stick.While a person's idea may not be perfect, you can run with it and make it a great concept. Never shut down someones idea - some of my favorite shots that I have taken were actually based off of my clients ideas. If you don't like the original idea....take the shot and then change it up a bit. Try different versions of the concept.

Picking your battles

Here he tried to get them to hug....and the girls were sitting a bit too far apart to to a normal hug and thus he ended up with this shot - which I think is soooo cute! This is often hard as a parent when you are paying for a photographer and your kids aren't cooperating, BUT if you remember one of the precious tips was that the subjects don't always have to look at the camera for a picture to be great. I took pictures of an extremely camera shy boy and I ended up getting some great pictures of him just running and jumping around. They showed off his personality and I was able to capture some great smiles.

Since most of you have a little family of your own, I thought you would most enjoy reading his posts about family pictures (which include the How I Shoot Children posts that I just talked about). Enjoy!


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