Friday, December 24, 2010

White Chocolate Snowflakes

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To make You first need a pattern of a snowflake.  My printer is out of ink, so I had to draw one.

 Next place the snowflake design under wax paper.
 Melt some white chocolate bark - 30 seconds at a time in the microwave.  I used one square to make a bunch of snowflakes.

 Put the melted chocolate in a ziplock bag and cut a small hole on the corner.
 Trace the snowflake design with the white chocolate.

 Carefully pull the snowflakes off the wax paper after they have hardened.

If you flip the snowflake over, it will be smooth and flat.
 If you don't flip it over, you'll have a little more rustic looking snowflake.
 I went with the rustic look :)  I had baked some cookies so I decided to add the snowflakes to the tops of the cookies.  You could add them to cupcakes or any other treat you want to add a little something special to.

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