Friday, June 18, 2010

Grillin' Cupcakes

Pin It I had some leftover cupcakes from when I made the hamburgers, so I decided to try these also.  I saw them on Fun Family's website.  Since I had leftover yellow cake cupcakes, I used chocolate frosting for the dark part of the cupcake.  I believe Fun Family used chocolate cupcakes and didn't frost them.  Then I put a few orange sprinkles for the "fire/coals"  - which in hind site, I think needed to be brighter.  I mixed the red, green and yellow frosting I had left over from the hamburgers and added a little blue food coloring to get the purple/gray color of frosting for the "grill" part.

Then I grabbed some hot tamales and used chocolate frosting to make the grill marks on them.  That completed to hot dog cupcakes:
For the shish kabobs, I cut up hot tamales and starbursts and put them on a toothpick:


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