Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Headbands

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Baby headbands and flowers can really add up when you want to have one that matches every outfit.  My cousin Mindy, gave me a little headband for my baby shower that was made out of tights.  It has a ribbon on the top so you can easily clip on new flowers.  I was at Robert's Craft and found some flower kits in their scrap booking section.  I was able to make 24 different flowers to use for Claire's headbands.  I also saved ribbon from gifts and made bows that could be clipped onto the headband.  I purchased some little alligator clips at Roberts as well, though Mindy told me you can get clips at Sally's for really cheap.  I'm gonna try that next time.  Here are some of the little flowers/bows that I made:
 Rather than paying $4 for each separate bow I was able to make 24 of them for close to $12 and will be cheaper next time since I already have the ribbon :)  If you need help in making them please let me know.  I can help you out!

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  1. I just love the hair clips you made. And the fact that you was able to make so many for so cheap. Can you let me know how you made them please. I like the headband part also. Thanks