Friday, July 29, 2011

Before and After Nightstand

Pin It My sister-in-law redid her nightstands that she was given for free - that's right - free.  Look and how gorgeous they turned out!!!!

I have a few things of my own that I am going to paint.  I have a couple small nightstands that I'm going to paint black.  I would like to antique them, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that with the black - so if you have tips PLEASE let me know.  I also bought some little chairs that I'm going to paint and give to my daughter for Christmas along with a little table.

I would love to see your before and after projects so please link up here:


  1. I actually just saw a post about a black bed that was antiqued with silver! can't remember where, but I'm guessing you just get the faux glaze with a silver tint to it.

  2. I've seen black antiqued with gold also...kind of something along these lines.

    But I like the idea of silver too. I'm working on a before and after myself..I'll link up when I'm done! :)