Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amazing Diaper Deal!

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I find myself thinking about how expensive diapers are whenever I change my son's diaper and then literally 10 seconds later he decides to fill a new one.  I mean....really?  Well I have some really good news for all you mom's with kids in diapers.  There is a slammin' good deal at You can clip a $3.00 off coupon AND use the code OHBABY10D to save a total of $13!  Plus, shipping is free! 
Note that the promo code for the $10 off is valid for FIRST TIME orders only.
The best deal is on the Pampers Baby Dry XL Packs. Original price is $49.49 but with the $3.00 coupon and the $10 off the price drops down to $36.49.

The Pampers Swaddler XL Packs are also available with this promotion too. They are regularly priced at $49.49, but just don't come with as many diapers.  But once again, with the coupon and promo code the price will drop down to $36.49.
If you aren’t a first time buyer you can still clip the $3.00 coupon. You can still score a free 24ct pack of Pamper’s wipes with a purchase of a case of Pampers diapers. You will need to use code PAMPGIFT at checkout.


  1. You know, I kind of get that diapering remorse, too, but it's not really about how much diapers cost, it's about how bad they are for the environment.
    Considering the average diaper is estimated to take between 250-500 years to decompose, and that a child can use between 6000-8000 diapers before potty training ends....ew.
    But, nobody really likes cloth diapering.
    I do use cloth diapers, but when you're on the go it's such a pain.
    But I always feel so guilty when I use Luvs, or Huggies, or Pampers... They take up too much space in landfills, and too long to decompose...
    I did find a couple of alternatives, however.
    First is
    I honestly haven't tried them, but they claim to be eco-friendly and when I emailed me they said they use less plastic, and are more easily biodegradable than other brands, but the ones I love most are
    These are the AWESOMEST sauce. Why? THEY ARE FLUSHABLE! No Joke. Change the baby's diaper, rip the edges off the insert, give it a swish, and flush it down the hole! How easy is THAT?
    My favorite part of that is that there's no smell. I toss the dirty plastic part in a laundry pail I keep just for that and wash them all at once.
    And, you can get them and everything you need at <3
    Saving money is great, but to be able to save the planet, too? That's my cup of tea right there. ;)
    Have a great one! I look forward to your next post.
    See ya!

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