Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath

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I know these have been around a lot lately on the internet, but I love them so I had to make one to share with you.  To make the wreath, I bought a foam tube at Home Depot that is in the plumbing section for 97 cents.  I then cut the tube to the size that I wanted and then used duct tape to keep the two ends together.  The one issue I ran into by doing this method was that it didn't stay a perfect circle.  I've also heard of doing the same thing using a swim noodle.  I just didn't want to spend $5 on a foam wreath when I could get away with only spending $1.

Next, I wrapped the wreath with black duct tape.  Then I hot glued candy corns onto the wreath.  Just a warning, this will take you a while haha.  I changed the direction the candy corns were facing each row.  Then I wanted to make my wreath a little different than all of the other candy corn wreaths out there, so I added a little sign that says "Trick or Treat" on it.  I purchased a really thin piece of wood at Robert's for $1.80 or so.  It was way longer than I wanted, but it was the right thickness and width.  I broke the wood so it would have rough edges.  I then outlined Trick or Treat on wood and painted around the words.  I decided that I liked the plain wood look for the letters rather than painting them in a different color.  I sanded down the sign a little bit so it would have a distressed/scary look to it.  Then all I had to do was tie a ribbon to the top so I could hang it.  I've seen where people have used a really thick ribbon to hang their wreath, which I think looks nice, but I didn't think it would look as good because of my sign.

I have talked to a few people who made these last year and their wreaths actually ended up melting!  So you may want to preserve your wreath.


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